Like any forward-moving initiative, the transition to the new Grande Prairie Police Service has a cost associated with it. The cost to transition to the Grande Prairie Police Service is currently projected to be approximately $19 million.

These costs include transitional staffing, policing equipment, fleet assets, technology, infrastructure, recruitment, training, professional services, and a 20 percent contingency.

The City of Grande Prairie successfully advocated for and received $9.7 million in start-up and transition funding from the Province of Alberta.

Annual Budget

The annual operating budget of the municipal police service is projected to be similar to or less than that of the projected RCMP contract budget.

The Grande Prairie Police Service budget is set by Grande Prairie City Council. By having City Council set the budget, there is a drastic reduction in the chance of large expense surprises.

The GPPS budget is prioritized and allocated by the Grande Prairie Police Commission. The Chief of Police is responsible for executing the GPPS budget.

Overall, financial analysis suggests the new GPPS will cost taxpayers less money overall than traditional policing services. With money saved, more resources are available for investment into further public safety initiatives.