Public Complaint Process

Under the Alberta Police Act, the Grande Prairie Police Commission is responsible for monitoring the public complaints process; handling complaints against the Chief of Police; and handling appeals regarding the policies of, or the services provided by, the Grande Prairie Police Service. 

The purpose of the complaint process is to resolve issues between the citizens of Grande Prairie and the Grande Prairie Police Service in a fair, transparent, and reasonable manner.

The Grande Prairie Police Commission’s Public Complaint Director:

  • Receives Grande Prairie Police Service complaints from the public;
  • Acts as a liaison between the Commission, the Chief of Police, and the complainant;
  • Performs duties assigned by the Commission in regards to complaints;
  • Reviews the investigation conducted in respect of a complaint during the course of the investigation and at the conclusion;
  • Offers an alternative dispute resolution process, where appropriate;
  • If an alternative dispute resolution process is used, reviews the manner in which it is delivered; and
  • Provides reports to the commission, as required.

According to the Police Act, complaints must be filed within one year of the events upon which it is based: or, within one year of when the conduct was first discovered or ought to have been discovered (whichever occurs first). Detailed information regarding the complaint process can be found HERE.

If you have a concern, or want to file a complaint, please contact the Public Complaint Director, Lorrie Sitler via email or fill out this Online Form.

Please note: Grande Prairie Police Service is not currently the police of jurisdiction any complaints against the services or policies of the RCMP must be pursued through the RCMP or the Grande Prairie Policing Committee Public Complaint Director.  Refer to this LINK  for further information.